What to Do When Your Granny Says She Doesn’t Want Anything for Christmas

This also works for aging parents, like me

Annie Trevaskis


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Old people are hard to buy presents for, aren’t they?

I’m old, and it is hard to buy presents for me. I have had a lifetime to gather possessions, and I don’t want any more, thank you very much. In fact, I am all for getting rid of stuff, not acquiring more.

I think most old people are the same, so it is best to buy gifts that don’t add to the clutter. Buy things that get used up like food, drink, chocolates, soap . . . that kind of thing.

But you can do better than that. Yes, you can.

Apart from anything else, the odds are that Granny has already got cupboards full of supplies just like those.

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The best gifts are ones that take a bit of effort, ones that show you have really thought about the recipient.

So, think for a minute: what do old people go on about all the time?

The past.

That’s right. They are always going on about the past and their memories.

So my advice is to copy what one of my sons’ got for me last year. He sent me a card with a list of happy memories of his childhood.

To be honest, I was surprised he had any. Children normally only remember the bad stuff.

Seriously — it was my favourite present. Sometimes, the best things and gifts in life really are free.



Annie Trevaskis

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