We Are What We Repeatedly Do

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Annie Trevaskis
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Photo of a repeating spiral staircase, viewed from below (I think), looking up to a blue sky
Photo by Henry & Co. on Unsplash

Terry Pottinger wrote a beautiful poem based on Aristotle’s quote: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

Feel free to scroll down to the bottom first and click on the links so you get two fine examples of how to nail the challenge.

Alternatively, keep reading, but bear in mind that I am autistic, and my response will be less fine, more visual and a bit different.

Here goes:

I repeatedly go with the flow
So I am a flower

A photo of a pink tulip against a pink background
A flower. Photo by RoonZ nl on Unsplash

I repeatedly think I should do things
So I am a shoulder

Photo of a beautiful model wearing a white top, that has been pulled down from one shoulder. She is angled away from the camera with her bare shoulder in the foreground, and her head is turned so that she is looking over the shoulder straight at the camera.
A more beautiful shoulder than mine, but a shoulder nonetheless. Photo by Hywel Jones: on

I repeatedly draw
So I am a drawer

A picture of a white and wood writing desk, with one drawer half open
Photo by Die Handwerksmeister on Unsplash

I repeatedly raise a toast 🍷
So I am a toaster

Photo of a white toaster, with two pieces of bread just visible in the top of the toaster slots.
Photo by Nicola Barts on

I repeatedly make mistakes
So I am human

Image by

You can find Terry Pottinger’s poem here, and do click on the link so you can hear her reading it. I wish I sounded like that:

Find Mick Gibson’s wonderful response here:



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