The Tale of the 120MPH Motorcycle Crash and Bad Underwear: Part 2

Annie Trevaskis
4 min readJul 28, 2022
Photo of a motorcyclist leaning into a bend, his right knee almost grazing the ground.
Not me. Because I wore red leathers, but I CAN corner like that. Photo by Richard Clark on Unsplash

In case you missed it, you can read Part 1 here:


It was a Sunday morning when I set off in the bad underwear to attend a motorbike course run by highly qualified Police instructors. It was to teach experienced motorcyclists (in hindsight, their entry requirements were flawed) how to teach learners to pass the new two-part motorcycle test that was due to be introduced.

Digression #1 (Unless you count the digression in Part 1, which I don’t)

When I took my motorbike test, there was only one part, and it involved riding around a block with an examiner on foot, observing. In order to demonstrate the ability to do an emergency stop, he sent me off to ride around the block (repeatedly), telling me that he would step out into the road SOMEWHERE. Two weeks previously, a friend had followed the same instruction and kept going around the block until he ran out of petrol. Later, someone asked him whether or not he had noticed the ambulance with flashing lights. His examiner had stepped out…



Annie Trevaskis

I came, I wrote, I conquered. That last bit might not be true, but at least I am putting up a good fight.