The Only Reason I Point Blank Refuse to Read Your Work on Medium

For the love of God, will you please stop doing this?

Annie Trevaskis
2 min readJul 12, 2022


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I will read anything. Seriously. I love reading. I prefer humour and inspirational posts, but I will read anything from incomprehensible cryptocurrency articles to parenting tips I no longer need. Bring it on.

But there is one thing that some people do which guarantees I shall back away and not return.

If I click on a link, and your homepage has a black background with white writing, or even just a dark background with lighter writing, I am out of there faster than a new version of anything by Microsoft needs patching.

It makes my eyes go funny, and I have to lie down in a dark room and get my husband to bring me soothing compresses. He curses you. Maybe not everyone needs to adopt the dark room recovery position but I know I am not alone. Do me a favour. Choose a light-coloured background for your home page and articles. Please. Before my husband finds out where you live.

PS: If you aren’t sure how to do this:

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