The “I’m Not A Celebrity” 2023 Challenge

$$$$ prize money could be yours.

Annie Trevaskis
2 min readFeb 23, 2023
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On I’m a celebrity
In the jungle
People get to eat
Animal testicles
Vomit fruit
And very little else

They face their fears
Get covered in muck
Get cockroaches in their ears
They sleep with rats
And snakes and bugs
Are forced to climb great heights

They get chucked from helicopters
Tarred and feathered
Sent into dungeons deep
Get buried, get pranked
Get voted out
Lose face, lose weight, lose hope

Yet every single one
I’ve seen
Always says the same
“The best experience
Of my life,” they gush

They weep, they scream

Is this a clarion call for us
To step out
Of our comfort zones?
Embrace the tough
The rough, the cold,
Rejoice. We are alive.

Why You Should Embrace This Challenge

The evidence is that people feel more alive when they push themselves out of their comfort zones. I hate the cold, and yet I learnt to get comfortable with discomfort by immersing myself in the Helford River every day for a year: in snow, in rain, in hail, in sleet, in high winds, I was there. It was the best year of my life so far.

Post swim in the Helford: the water temperature was Just over 6 degrees celsius. Even a 1–2 minute swim at this temperature can leave you feeling good all day. Photo by author.

The Challenge

In 2023 I challenge you to face at least one of your fears and embrace discomfort. Write down a list of your top five fears and commit to facing one. Write about it, tag me. Add the tag “Annie’s Fear Embracing Challenge 2023” so I can group them together in a list. Funny or inspiring entries will go into a prize draw, and on December 31st, 2023, the winner will be randomly chosen by some creative method yet to be worked out. Possibly involving a dog and numbered tennis balls.

The Prize

$20,000. Only kidding. $20. But trust me, the real value will be taking part.



Annie Trevaskis

I came, I wrote, I conquered. That last bit might not be true, but at least I am putting up a good fight.