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Annie Trevaskis
Nov 17, 2022


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26 stories
The letter Z created out of glittery purple make-up. The bottom line of the letter Z is formed in part from the make-up but mainly from a cosmetic blusher brush with a purple handle.
A teenage boy with head bowed, standing in front of a blackboard with a complicated formula
Photo of a red xylophone


12 stories
Scrabble letters spelling out “Yours sincerely”. All are wooden tiles except the final “Y” which is plastic
Bright red cranberries, in the process of being made into cranberry sauce.
A photo of a cute robot taken from above with the robot looking up at us


13 stories
Something has been dropped into water and created a visually appealing splash
Something has been dropped into purple water creating a splash
Photo of a clear light bulb that looks as if it is just being dropped into water, with a lovely splash.


4 stories
Five adults at home, hanging out
Black and white photo of prison cells


4 stories
Picture of a beige bra sprinkled with colourful confetti and a Durex nestling beside it. Not sure how that got there, and it is not central to the story
Photo of a motorcyclist leaning into a bend, his right knee almost grazing the ground.


10 stories
Two people hugging tightly


2 stories
A photo of the top of a dog’s head. The kind brown eyes are in focus but the top of its nose in the foreground and centre of the screen is blurred
An old woman, wrinkled face, no teeth, smiling broadly



Annie Trevaskis

Autistic, curious seeker of truth and laughter. The older I get, the less I know. I write sporadically. I write because I have to. UK based. She/her