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Annie Trevaskis


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7 stories
A photo of a picture frame with a black bow on a dark background. There is a red rose to the side.
A man looking very shocked, mouth agape. His hands are clasped to his cheeks, he is wearing glasses and his hair is amazing and looks as if it is standing up. He is wearing a coral pink shirt and the background is blue.
A snow scene, with a row of benches , shrubs and trees


26 stories
The letter Z created out of glittery purple make-up. The bottom line of the letter Z is formed in part from the make-up but mainly from a cosmetic blusher brush with a purple handle.
A teenage boy with head bowed, standing in front of a blackboard with a complicated formula
Photo of a red xylophone


31 stories
Photo of a divorce paper with a torn red heart and two wedding rings
Young man wearing a yellow jumper. He has a pained expression, and both of his hands are clutching his hair in despair. He is standing before a plain purple background.
Picture of a dog dressed as a businessman, staring at a laptop screen. Spectacles and a notepad are by the side of the laptop. Bright yellow background.


13 stories
Photo of a strawberry hitting water and creating a SPLASH
Something has been dropped into water and created a visually appealing splash
Something has been dropped into purple water creating a splash


17 stories
Young man wielding a sword, standing in an aikido pose
Photo of a mime artist/jester pointing a white-gloved finger at the camera. He has a black beard and wears a hat.
Depressed young woman looking into an empty purse. Pink background.


6 stories
Retro black alarm clock suspended above an outstretched palm. The clock is dissolving into small particles on the right side of the screen, and it looks as if they are floating away. A visual representation showing time can not return
Photograph of a woman in a flowing robe, standing in front of a flaming circular portal. It is entitled “door leading to a magical world.”


15 stories
Screenshot of my December 2023 story stats. It shows 1.5K views and 977 reads, with a green and blue graph below
A cute brown and white dog, face on, looking annoyed and if it is rolling its eyes at you.



Annie Trevaskis

I came, I wrote, I conquered. That last bit might not be true, but at least I am putting up a good fight.