I Lied to You All By Mistake

And I feel so stupid

Annie Trevaskis


Picture of a woman crying
Not me. I am crying much more than this. Photo by Kat J on Unsplash

I am SO sorry (every single one of you I have tagged, because you either clapped or commented).

I was totally wrong about the Mute button. It does exactly what it suggests it does. Trust Medium, not me:

Medium says" Muting a writer or publication means their stories will no longer be visible in your home feed on the Web and in the app, or in Medium’s email digests."

Smillew Rahcuef was kind enough to highlight my mistake, and to Mute me so I could double-check. Now, there is a man who checks his sources.

I feel such an idiot. I should have muted myself.

This is a perfect lesson in how we should all be more like Smillew Rahcuef:

  1. Don’t believe the crap you read on the internet.
  2. Check your sources.
  3. Don’t ever listen to me again.

You should know by now that I fail at almost everything. I may have to change my article on How to Be a Failure (Part M for marriage) into How to Be a Failure (Part M for Medium).

How can I make it up to you?

I promise to send double the earnings from the errant article (which I have now delisted) to charity. If anyone feels they deserve a coffee because of my stupidity, let me know in the comment section. Do this, especially if you went off to unmute people and it took you some time.

PS: if this article makes more than the original one, watch out for my article on how to double your earnings on Medium.

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Annie Trevaskis

I came, I wrote, I conquered. That last bit might not be true, but at least I am putting up a good fight.