How to Organise Your Medium Articles by Subject Matter

By popular demand

Annie Trevaskis
4 min readJul 24, 2022


Screenshot of my Medium articles organised by subject matter

Hundreds of people have asked me how I have formatted my articles, so they appear on my profile page, organised by subject matter. Did you look at that fine photo above?

Ok, not hundreds: two, but I reckon another 193 wanted to know but were too shy to ask.

Step-by-step guide

First, go to your list section: it’s the little icon just above your stories on your Home page. I have circled it in blue here:

  1. Open the Lists and create as many new Lists as you have subject matter. Make sure you save them as Public, not Private. You can see four of mine in the top picture, but I have twelve. Sigh. I know. I’ve failed on the niche front 😥
  2. The boring part. You now have to go to each of your published articles and click on the list icon at the bottom of each story. It is the same icon as the blue-circled one in the picture above. Choose which list or lists to add each individual article to. If you have more than 50 published articles, I’ll meet you back here in a fortnight. Don’t forget to bookmark this page. Or clap on it, or type my name in big letters somewhere so you can find me again.
  3. Now, start to write a new story with the headline of your choice. I do not mind if you copy mine: My Work on Medium. But I am sure YOU will come up with something better than me. I don’t mind so long as you send me 10% of your increased income when people flock to your perfectly formatted, visually spectacular new page. PS: Don’t forget to put in a good subtitle.
  4. Open a second Medium tab and go to your Lists. Open the first one and then click on the chain symbol at the top: it is to the left of the three dots in the top right-hand corner. It will say “Link copied” if you have followed this step correctly. If you cannot see a chain link, it is because you did not read Step 1 properly. Slap your wrist and start again: make sure the list is private, not public. Stop rushing things. All good things take time.
  5. Return to the tab where you have your new…



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