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How To Change the Background Colour in Your Medium Profile

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Before you dive in, be warned: I cannot read white text on a dark background. Bright pink with white text is the worst for me, but white on black also gives me dizzy spells. Just saying. Some find it more accessible, so feel free to choose what works for you. Benighted has just changed their black background for a greyer one, and I am so pleased to be able to read their work at last. Experiment, have fun.

The instructions

  • Click on your profile picture (the circular one)
  • Click on View Profile (at the bottom)
  • Click on the three dots in your profile (top right)
  • Click on Design Profile
  • Click on Colours (top left)
  • Click on Background
  • Click on Reset colour
  • Slide the bar at the bottom until you are in the colour range you prefer
  • Click on the little dot in the square above and move it about until you have the colour you desire
  • Now go back to the left-hand menu and click on Accent
  • Watch what happens to the text on the right (Edit Profile) as you change the accent colour.
  • When you are happy with the background and the Accent, go to the top right corner and click on Publish.

Do head over to the comments and let me know if this worked for you, and more importantly, if it did not, so I can edit and adjust if necessary.

This piece was in response to a question from The Dani Writer. Go check her out. She has 33 followers as I type this and deserves so many more.

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