Five Pro Tips for Successful Online Dating

How to improve your chances of finding the perfect match

Annie Trevaskis
6 min readDec 29, 2022


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I met my husband online. We have been married for over ten years now. Before that, I had a wonderful long-term relationship with a man I met online. In between, I had a whole heap of fun.

Here are my top tips for successful online dating.

Invest in a good photograph

Love enters through the eyes, so invest in getting a good photograph of yourself, but make sure it looks like you. Every man I met for a date was relieved that I looked exactly like my photo: every single one said that I was the first person they had met for whom that was true. They had all been disappointed on previous dates to find that the person they were meeting looked nothing like their photo.

Here is one I took of myself that I used:

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Do not tick any boxes that rule out potential love matches

When I met my husband, I was (and still am) sober. I was looking for someone who didn’t drink. My husband was looking for someone who didn’t smoke. If either of us had ticked that box to rule out drinkers or smokers, we would never have met. The truth is that you need to be open to all possibilities: sometimes, what you think you want is not what you need.

Get some humour into your profile

How I wish I had kept a copy of the first profile I used. It was a total spoof and listed a glittering array of achievements that were all, very obviously, untrue: things like: I speak 27 languages, have worked as an undercover spy, and in my spare time, I teach self-defence to grannies. I made people laugh, and they loved it: I even had one guy offer to send his private plane to fly me out to his estate in America. I didn’t go because his photo was awful (see above).

This is a copy of one profile I used (before I gave up alcohol).



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