My early posts and poems were heartfelt but could not be considered entertaining. More recently I have been writing humorous true stories and have discovered that my autism is a never-ending source of funny material. I post regularly and read, clap and comment voraciously.

I have a habit of putting my foot in it and being unemployable. I have been a grape-picker, waitress, motorcycle columnist, acupuncturist (I already said that) and dog breeder. Oh, and I also worked in a salt and soda packing factory.

Did I say dog breeder just then? Sometimes I exaggerate. My adorable Bedlington Whippet had a litter of five puppies. Once.

I love reading, learning, cleaning, and Excel spreadsheets. I wear the same outfit every day and strive to live simply and be kind to people.

I can memorise random packs of playing cards (three at a time) and complete The Times cryptic crossword daily but I once spent 6 years watering a plant before I realised it was plastic.

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Annie Trevaskis

Retired UK acupuncturist, autistic, curious seeker of truth and laughter. The older I get, the less I know. I write sporadically. She/her